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New smart solution

  • Fiber Optic, Data Cable, Router, Smart Building & Industrial and Commercial Device
  • Home and building automation systems applications in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Sensor systems : RFID, Sensors, Smart metering
  • Smart Energy : For the production, distribution and efficiency of tomorrow’s energy, Smart grids, Storage systems, Systems for charging electric vehicles
  • IOT & Smart devices plus new technologies (AI, VR, AR)

FM Products & Services

  • Total FM , FM Consulting , Facilities Support Services, Waste Management & Treatment, Water Management , Energy Management, HVAC Solutions & Outsource , Plant Maintenance
  • Conveyor, Motor Pump & Valve,  UPS, Generator, Electrical Supplies, Parking System, Escalators & Lift, Measuring Systems & devices

Work Space Management

  • Software , Consulting, Office Furniture & Equipment, Communication & Meeting System

Cleaning Products & Services

  • Cleaning Services, Equipment for cleaning, machines, components, Sanitary appliances and accessories


  • Access control, CCTV Surveillance, auto door, X-Ray baggage scanner machine & walkthrough, sensor & alarm, IP/Network Security, Security Solution & Integration
  • Smart security devices

Interior & Landscape Design

  • Architecture & Design services, Curtain walling, Gardening, Landscaping, Living Roofs & Wall , Software design, Architectural Lighting, smart equipment for Interior & landscape

Green Building Technologies

  • Smart Material , Building Board, Ceramic Materials, Wall Materials, Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof and Sealing Material, Pipe, Glass, Hardware, Heating System, Water System, Building Structure, Construction Machinery

Plant Maintenance

  • Schedule Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Asset Management, Facility Historical Management
  • Mechanical / Electrical Equipment, Operation Monitoring, Insulation Diagnosis, Sensors & Probes, Mobile Terminal Devices, Measuring & Analyzing Equipment
  • Maintenance Service, Inspection Service
  • Corrosion Control, Lubricants, Sealing, Adhesives, Coatings, Linings, Paints, Industrial Tools
  • Dust Collection, Sound Insulation, Filtration Systems