2018 Exhibitor list

Company NameCountryBooth No.
AED By BOHC18Thailand
Amata Solar Co., Ltd.S03Thailand
Asia Pacific Security Association (APSA)A31Thailand
ASM Security Management Co., Ltd.S12-AThailand
B.L.T. Associates Co., Ltd.S02Thailand
Bekind Group LimitedJ02Hongkong
Best PlusB17Thailand
BioZone Scientific International LimitedB03-AU.S.A
Brian Child Electronic Co., Ltd.K05Taiwan
Building Awards By BSAJ05Thailand
Builk One Group Co., Ltd.D03-AThailand
CBB Innovations Limited Partnership J06Thailand
Cheongjuk LightingK04South Korea
Chun Hoe Pte LtdE03
Cleaning Service Contractor's Association (CSCA)J01A Thailand
Construction Property MagazineF08Cambodia
Data Products Toppan Forms Ltd.A08Thailand
Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency S09-AThailand
Department of Industrial WorksE05Thailand
Digital Butler Co.,Ltd.A 24 / A26Thailand
Empire Scientifique Co., Ltd. B03-BU.S.A
Encotec Co,. Ltd.A10Thailand
Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd.B02Japan
ERP SolutionB18Thailand
Exzy Co., Ltd.C05Thailand
Fudo Solutions Co., Ltd. D05-BThailand
G-Evolution Co., Ltd.G06Thailand
Global MesH Communication Co., Ltd.D04-A / D05-AThailand
Hankook Towel Machine Co., LtdK02South Korea
HIP Global Co., Ltd.S06Thailand
ICE LED Co., Ltd.S13Thailand
Infinite Technology Corporation Co., Ltd.S10 / S10-AThailand
Info Media & Publication Co., Ltd.H05Thailand
Jarton Group Co., Ltd.S11-AThailand
KG Engieering Co., Ltd. (KG Solar)G03Thailand
Kleanz Asia Co., Ltd.S15Italy
LEAF power Co., Ltd.H03Thailand
My MooBan Co., Ltd.S09Thailand
OBO Bettermann South East Asia Pte Ltd.A05Germany
Oklin (Thailand) Co., Ltd.A03Australia
Outriger CorporationK06South Korea
Pacific Technology DistributionD02-AThailand
Panasonic Siew Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.S07Japan
PCS Security and Facility Services LimitedA28England
Peoplespace Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.A09Thailand
Productivity Associates Co., Ltd.B02-AThailand
Quick ERP Co., Ltd.C04Thailand
RFID (Thailand) AssociationA14Thailand
Rubbermaid Thailand by Material WorldS14U.S.A
SDR Co., Ltd.K01 / K03Korea
Security Executive Service Association (SESA) A33Thailand
Security Services Association of Thailand (SSAT)A32Thailand
Sitpakarn Technology and Supply Co., Ltd.D04-BThailand
Smart Cities Thailand Association S11Thailand
Sodexo Thailand S01France
T.P.C. (2000) International Group Co., Ltd.B04-B / B05-BThailand
Technology Media Co., Ltd.E06Thailand
Teeya Master Systems Co., Ltd.A16Thailand
Thai Appraisal FoundationA23Thailand
Thai Building Manager AssociationA21Thailand
Thai Generator AssociationA17Thailand
Thai Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineer AssociationA13Thailand
Thai Security Association J07Thailand
Thai Sekisui Foam Co., Ltd.F03Thailand
Thailand Cleaning Care Service Co., Ltd.A15Thailand
Thailand Environment Institute (TEI)E07 / E09Thailand
Thailand Facility Management AssociationA01AThailand
Thanawat Inter Supply Co., Ltd.A11Thailand
The Building Inspectors AssociationA18Thailand
ThumB Business SolutionC17Thailiand
Topps Products Group Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.B05-AU.S.A
Trade Link Media Pte LtdF09Singapore
Trio Mass Co., Ltd.A30Thailand
T-Tech & Services Co., Ltd.J01Canada
Uniglobal Co., Ltd.A01 Netherland
V.P.C. Intergroup Security Guard Co., Ltd.A29Thailand
V.R.D. Group Co., Ltd.A12Thailand
Valuation Engineering Co.,Ltd. J03Thailand
Vritti Impex Pvt. Ltd. E08India
Win Win Work (2002) Co., Ltd. (Hanita Film)B04-AThailand
Winnie Gadget Co., Ltd.S13-AThailand
Younglim Forestry Co., Ltd.B02-BSouth Korea
มูลนิธินายช่างไทย ใจอาสา S12Thailand

*updated as of 4 September 2018, subjected to changes